Grzegorz Karnas will lead a workshop for vocalists at the Hevhetia Summer Music Festival 2014

The Hevhetia Summer Music Festival 2014 is not only a showcase of publishing activities of the music label Hevhetia, but it has also its educational dimension. Renowned Polish jazz singer and vocalist Grzegorz Karnas besides his concert will lead a special workshop for active singers, vocalists and instrumentalists as well.

The workshop is for everyone who is interested in discovering what the „backstage“ of interaction in making music is all about.

It is open for anyone who wants to use their voice in a manner that doesn’t stay in the way of expressing their emotions.

It is open to non musicians or amateur musitians who are interested in the nature of their own voice.

It is open to working singers who would rather try to establish how they really sound in order to make sure if they can use that sound in music.

It is open to instrumentalists who are interested in the nature of creativity and the obstacles on the way to it.

The major goal of the workshop is to underline the importance of:

  • voice as a tool for conveying emotions
  • understanding of how one should breathe
  • creative approach to everything one does
  • ability to interconnect in rhythm in order to to enjoy making music in a spontaneous, improvisational way

The major exercise of the workshop is improvising musical forms based on interaction between lyrics and accompaniment. Materials and the nature of the exercice should be a surprise, therefore their content shouldn’t be decribed for being used as a incentive to draw the interest of potential participants.

The workshop is scheduled on Friday, July 25th from 10 a.m. It will be held at Kasárne/ Kulturpark Košice on Kukučínova Street. Due to the limited number of participants the reservation is possible on the website of the festival Maximum number of active participants is 50. Participation fee is 10 €. The workshop will be held in one of the concert halls of Kasárne/Kulturpark. Visitors can also participate in the workshop as spectators. The entrance fee for this event for spectators is 5 €.

Grzegorz Karnas is a teacher by choice. He teaches singing, voice managing, breathing technics as well as phonetics of English with the area of expertise extending to Arabic and Chinese pronunciation. He conducted numerous workshops and masterclasses for foreigners including several classes for French and Chinese speaking students.

He has six years of academic experience as teacher at the Academy of Music Jazz Institue in Katowice considered prestigious in Poland. For five past years Karnas has been conducting workshop in his home town Żory under the festival called Voicingers of which he is the artistic director.