Jazzabell (SK)

The Košice band Jazzabell is based mainly on the creative duo Matej Lazár (keyboards) and Vladislav Mužak (bass), which are complemented by the drummer Tomi Beneš and Filip Molčányi on the soprano saxophone. Their music is a blend of various genres, jazz, funk, Latino and blues in a very dynamic form, with powerful sound and great arrangements.

Jazzabell was formed in February 2008 as a cooperation of two great musicians – Vlado Mužak (bass) and Matej Lazár (keyboards). It is quite curious that both came from different age „categories“ – Vlado was then forty-six and Matej twenty-two years. A year later, after searching and experimenting, the line-up fixed as a trio with the drummer Tomi Beneš. The band in this line-up finally got its right, typical and unmistakable sound, groove, and its musical and visual shape, which characterizes this band up to now. More than a year the alto saxophone and clarinet player Filip Molčányi plays with Jazzabell. Jazzabell is „at home“ mainly on the club scene, but it performed successfully at the Jazzrock festival in Prešov or at POKE festival. These days the band is experiencing another big milestone. Five years after its forming a debut album of the same name, Jazzabell, is being released. Originally, it was supposed to be a classic eighty minutes CD. The songs, however, were too long and even after shortening they did not succeed to edit out the content to the desired timing. Nobody was willing to accept even an idea to omit any of the authors songs that were mostly written by Vlado Mužak and Matej Lazár. And thus the debut double album came to being. There are twelve songs on the album that are dramaturgically divided into two units. The first CD brings more poetry, it is more acoustic, the second album brings a nice contrast and it is more „jazzy“. Together , however, on this double album can be found, what Jazzabell´s fans like the best – a lot of energy captured in the music that hardly allows a listener to stay cool. The album Jazzabell was recorded in the Košice studio Klakson and was released by the label Hev- Het Tune.