Pavel Jakub Ryba (CZ)

Dátum a čas:
štvrtok - 17. 07. 2014 - 20:00 - 21:30

Miesto konania:

The concert of the bass player Pavel Jakub Ryba and his band has always represented a unique and refresing musical experience.  Pavel J.Ryba, active on the Czech scene for years, plays inimitably the fretless bass guitar, and renders his impressive compositions in very explosive and dynamic way, but also fragile sound spaces, full of depicted details, lyric and melancholic moods.

  • Pavel Jakub Ryba – bass
  • Petr Berki – keyboard
  • Tomáš Křemenák – saxophone, acordeon, melodion
  • Pepa Cigánek – drums
  • a.h. Henry Tóth – guitar

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