Trio Port Mone (BLR)

The instrumental trio Port Mone (Aleksy Vorsoba – accordion, Sergey Kravchenko – percussion, Aleksey Vacnuk – bass guitar) is known for its unique, intricate and complex melodies with a prevalent use of accordion. Since its creation in 2006 in Minsk, Belarus, Port Mone has become a darling of Eastern Europan music critics and a welcome participant of multiple international music festivals. Music of the trio steps away from the typical stylistic norms and links classical music, noise, experimental music and folk in refreshingly new ways. Its debut album Dip released by a well-respected independent label Geometry (Russia) brought them recognition and international acclaim. It was noted by the critics and won Foreign Expert´s Prize at annual awards in Belarus (voted by critics from Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine). It was called the best foreign album of 2009 in Croatia and was nominated for highly respectable Steppenwolf Award as The Best Album and The music of 2010 in Russia. Music by Port Mone was used in several documentaries and animation films. The trio also provided live music score to silent movie Khlib (1930, Ukraine). Tracks by Port Mone were included in compilations in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Sweden, Scotland and USA. Natural sincerity of the music of the trio fascinates and captivates widely different people. Critics point out that Port Mone is a brand-new phenomenon that is difficult to fit into the stylistic forms and they admit that no words can describe the impact of this relatively simple music.

Recently Port Mone recorded a new album titled Thou in unusual acoustic conditions, outside the studio in the forest. The method and context of the record as well as the sound solution of the album constitute a self-sustained statement, expressing the actual creative mission of Port Mone an appeal to something natural, pure, and primordial in human soul that exists beyond social regulations and codes.