Voces Gregorianae Cassovienses (SK)

The vocal ensemble VOCES GREGORIANAE CASSOVIENSES is focused exclusively on the repertoire of Gregorian chant. It was founded in 2011 by Ján Veľbacký, an expert in the theory and interpretation of Gregorian chant who also works as an artistic director of the choir. It was founded first of all to revive the medieval traditions of the sacred chant which is gradually disappearing from the consciousness of today’s man.

One of the main objectives of this ensemble is to preserve cultural and musical heritage, which had a dominant position over many centuries. The ensemble is composed of nine singers who interpret this music genre of monodic chant based on paleographic research and semiological studies. The core activities of the ensemble are focused mainly on the concerts, aimed to bring the beauty and wealth of Gregorian chant to the cultural publicity. In a relatively short time of its existence the Voces Gregorianae Cassovienses has established itself among Europe’s singing bodies interpreting this music genre. The most prestigious international events, in which the ensemble has performanced include International festivals in Gregorian chant Watou (Belgium) and Vac (Hungary).

Members of the vocal ensemble VOCES GREGORIANAE CASSOVIENSES: Krystyna Akivison, Veronika Andrašková, Lucia Dučayová, Saskia Frank, Katarína Hudáková, Katarina Jusková, Simona Perátová, Silvia Soročinská, Svetlana Zemčáková.

Soloists: Simona Perátová, Katarína Jusková

Ján Veľbacký after completion of theological studies at the Lateran University in Rome continued in studies of music, to which he devoted himself since his early childhood. Ján acquired his complete musical education with a focus on sacred music at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome, where he graduated and achieved a doctorate in Gregorian chant. He works as a university lecturer. In addition, he regularly gives lectures in international conferences and seminars focused on semiotics and interpretation of Gregorian chant. Besides pedagogical and research work, he is devoted to rich concert activities at home and abroad. He is a founder and an artistic director of the Jubilus choir and the vocal ensemble Voces Gregorianae Cassovienses.

Adrián Harvan, a native of Humenné, comes from a musical family. He graduated from the Conservatory in Košice (conducting, composition, piano), and continued his studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (orchestral conducting). He worked as a conductor in Opera DJZ, and he currently teaches at the Conservatory in Košice. He works also as an active instrumentalist (piano, saxophone, and flute), occasionally as a conductor. Besides that, he is intensively involved in arrangements for various groups and also composing. He is familiar with variety of genres and he also prefers combining various styles and genres. He has cooperated with State Philharmonic Orchestra Kosice, Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra and many other popular performers of jazz music (Marián Čekovský, AMC Trio).